Grace van Pelt of The Buiscitbox

Cea- ua non carrier, Mdr1 +/-



Can Ch Glasgowhill`s Looking Glass

Can Ch Glasgowhill`s Winning Ticket

Can Ch Van M Thatís The Ticket

Van M Intaglio Bravo

Van M Tickee Tickee

Van- M Take A Gander

Van- M Pal Joey II

Van- M Ticket Taker

Glasgowhill`s Dreams Come True

Can Ch Van- M Make A Deal II

Van- M Make A Play

Van-M Iron Pyrite

Can Ch Glasgowhill`s Ashanti

Am Ch Afterhours Snowstorm

Can Ch Glasgowhill`s Paris It Sizzles


Caramel Honey of the bisquitbox

Michel Vom Rosennest

Gunnar Vom Rosennest

Velvet Brae Lois XIV

Sela Vom Woltershof

Arielle Von Rosennest

Velvet Brae Lois XIV

Cheryl Von der Schonebecker Schweiz

April Rain of the bisquitbox

Ch Heirlair Reap The Whirlwind

Ch Jancada Just In Time

Arrowhill Southfork Song

Mc Cloud`s Queen of Shadows

Corydon Demi Shadow

Ginger-Black Vom Ohmtalteufel