Junior NW-11 Phrostmade's Ultra Black Lord

Born: 04.02.2010

Cea. ua


1 x BOB Puppy, 1 x 2 BOG Puppy

Am Ch Rockwood Ambitious Answer

Am Can Ch Tricounty Final Answer

Am Can Ch. Tricounty Against All Odds

Am Can Ch. Pebblebrooks Star At Tricounty

Can Ch. Tricounty Regal Portrait

Overland Canadian Sunset

Can Ch Tricounty Dreamland Express

Am Ch Overland Pebblebrook Dini

Rockwoods Blonde Ambition

Am Ch Highcroft Collectors Item

Am Ch Rockwoods Noble Tradition

Am Ch Highcroft Cashmere Clouds

Rockwood All That Glitters

Can Ch Bound For Glory

Rocky Creek Mountain Morning

Nuch Phrostmade`s Dreaming Devotion

Int N DK uch Nord V-06
Privat`s Olympic Gold

N Ch Cheline`s Just William

GB CH Corydon Gold Spur

Cheline`s Easter Rose

N Ch Ingledene Private Affair 

GB CH Ingledene Power of Love

GB CH Ingledene Penny Lover

Engiadina Charming Little Girl

N Ch Lynnfield Unbelievable Story

Lynnfield Mervyn 

Lynnfield No Regrets

Lynnfield Inspiration

Lynnfield Extra Edition

Lynnfield Bitter Sweet