14/12 Bianca - Phrostmade's Precious Black Pearl gave birth to 6 males
(2 tricolour and 4 sable/white) and 2 females, (both sable/white)
Sired by Lucas - C.I.B NW-09 NW-11 NO Ch CZ CH Jerose's Kingly Dreams

26/11 New Show Results

18/09 New Show Results

04/09 New Show Results

01/09 New Pictures of Phrostmade's Ultra Black Lord, and Lakefield Love Kiss of Liable!

28/08 New Show results

08/08 New Show results!

31/05 New show results, statistics page updated:)

14/05 New pictures of our W- Litter and X- Litter;)

26/04 New pictures of our W-Litter who is 5 weeks old!!

01/04 New Show results!!

19/03 New Show Results and Puppies born!!

20/02 New Show Results!!

19/02 Both Bianca - Phrostmade's Precious Black Pearl and Flossie - Carnoustie's Blue Goddess has taken the finnish mentaltest.
Bianca 145 points and Gunshot Secure. Carnoustie's Blue Goddess 93 points and Gunshot Secure;)

08/02 New picture of Phrostmade's Marilyn Monroe, Sunwind's Just Ice and Emprezy Shape of My Heart.
New Show results!

02/02 New picture of Phrostmade's Tailormade Black

31/01 New layout