Phrostmade`s Precious Black Pearl

Am Ch Rockwood`s Ambitious Answer x Carnousti`s Blue Goddess

Born 15.07.2008
Hips: A

Finnish Mentaltest 145 points and Gunshot Secure, 1 x CC at Collie Special


Am Ch Rockwood`s Ambitious Answer Am Can Ch Tricounty Final Answer Am Can Ch. Tricounty Against All Odds  
Overland Canadian Sunset  
Rockwoods Blonde Ambition Am Ch Highcroft Collectors Item  
Rockwood All That Glitters  
Carnoustie`s Blue Goddess Brilyn Touch of Black Lynaire Touch of Frost  
Brilyn Touch of Class  
Heidelind`s Pleasant  As a Zephyr Est Ch Misty Island Moonshiner  

Int Est Ch Lw-98 Lw-99 Jalker Blue Berry