N Cz Ch Phrostmade`s Dreaming Devotion


Int N Dkuch Privat`s Olympic Gold X Engiadina`s Charming Little Girl

Born: 15.01.2003
Cea-u.a Hd-A 

 BOB and 3BIG as puppy.

Res. CC, 5 x CC, 2 x Res.CACIB, 2 x CACIB, 1 x BOS, 12 x BOB
 2 x BIG 5, 1 x BIG 4, 2 x BIG 2,  3 x BIG 1
1 x BIS 2
1 x CC in Sweden, 1 x CACIB,  2 x BOS in Sweden
2 x CC in Czech Republic, 2 x Res.Cacib in Czech Republic

Breeder/Owner: Kennel Phrostmade

Mother to L and O Litter

# 6 Rough Collie in 2005

Rough Collie of The Year 2007!!!



Int N DK uch Nord V-06
Privat's Olympic Gold

N Ch Cheline`s Just William

GB CH Corydon Gold Spur

Cheline`s Easter Rose

N Ch Ingledene Private Affair

GB CH Ingledene Power of Love

GB CH Ingledene Penny Lover

Engiadina Charming Little Girl

N Ch Lynnfield Unbelievable Story

Lynnfield Mervyn

Lynnfield No Regrets

Lynnfield Inspiration

Lynnfield Extra Edition

Lynnfield Bitter Sweet