Born 06.04.2011 after CIB N CZ CH NV-09 Jerose`s Kingly Dreams x Phrostmade`s Precious Black Pearl
2 Sable/White Boys, 2 Tricoloured Boys, 2 Tricoloured Girls and 1 Sable /White Girl

Puppies 3,5 week old:

Phrostmade's X Game Player

Phrostmade's Xpo Inspiration

Phrostmade's Xtra Sweet Candy

Phrostmade's Xenon Black Lights

Phrostmade's Xploring Black Fire

Phrostmade's Xploring Black Lady

Phrostmade's Xclusive Black Opal





Jerose`s Kingly Dreams


Int Mc Sm Gi Ch
WW-02 AmsdW-02
Steadwyn Golden Dazzler

Seabound`s Swedish Affair

Steadwyn Passion

Lakefield Love Kiss of Liable

Am Bra Ch Lakefield Love In My Heart of Liable

Bra Ch Lakefield Liebling of Liable

Phrostmade`s Precious Black Pearl

Am Ch Rockwoods Ambitious Answer

Am Can Ch Tricounty Final Answer

Rockwoods Blonde Ambition

Carnoustie`s Blue Goddess

Brilyn Touch of Black

Heidelind`s Pleasant As A Zephyr